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Nevada Public Radio is so much more than just radio. We are your voice – the voice of the people – and a provider of in-depth, trusted news and content that is responsive to your interests and the interests of your community.


A large part of our appeal is how we approach reporting. We are facilitators and experts in the narrative form, providing a microphone, page and platform for citizen storytellers to speak for themselves. Both on air and online, we present fact-based, trusted journalism that examines and presents diverse perspectives. We spark conversation. We ask tough questions and explore controversial and complex topics with fairness, context and editorial independence. We create a space for storytelling and discovery. It’s no wonder NPR was named the #1 brand in America for “a mission to believe in.”


Nevada Public Radio is NPR in Southern Nevada, and continues to champion the cultural life of the region — the everything “in between the news” that feeds the soul.

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