Give Voice receives $500,000 NEH Grant

Just a few days after beginning its 40th year on the air, Nevada Public Radio has been awarded a $500,000 Infrastructure and Capacity Building Challenge Grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to be applied to Give Voice. The major gift initiative now stands at a total of $3.5M toward the 6M goal. 


Construction Update

Thanks to the generosity of our lead donors, including Beverly Rogers and Kris Engelstad, we are thrilled to report progress on the core elements of our technical infrastructure upgrade. Burke Construction is at work alongside our engineering staff to insure Nevada Public Radio is able to produce our daily programs during the renovation.

Kris Englestad McGarry_Beverly Rogers-99

Thank you!

It’s always our honor to recognize our donors and, beginning February 18, our audiences began hearing acknowledgements of Give Voice contributors on air! Did you know Nevada Public Radio is enjoying record listening? Give Voice will make sure we are ready to cover the stories that matter to Nevadans and continue as the premiere NPR affiliate serving Nevada from our studios in Las Vegas and Reno.


The Give Voice Party

On September 27, we launched GIVE VOICE - a transformative moment for Nevada Public Radio from both a technical and journalistic perspective. NPR is more important in the lives of Americans than ever before, and our credible, independent journalism is a currency more valuable than ever.

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